The Dented Can

The pantry shelves were empty
Except for a lonely can of beans
Inside the can was a piece of pork
Full of fat, definitely not lean

The expiration date, long past
On the side of the can, a dent
It had been there for so long
Its cost was twenty-nine cents

His hunger, it finally won out
The contents dumped into a pan
Ignoring the obvious warnings
It fed an ignorant hungry man

That night the pains began
Deep down inside his bowels
To the toilet, he frequently went
Eliminating something nasty, foul

By morning he was a mess
To the hospital, he did go
An IV and an overnight stay
For his stupidity he did show

He got the bill in the mail
And at the total, he paled
No more pork and beans
Without reading the can’s details

Now he watches what he eats
Food poisoning is no fun
Dented cans, they are taboo
He doesn’t want the runs!

Thursday, June 16, 2022