He Was Stuck!

There he was, halfway down
Had a problem, he was stuck
Sucked it in, held his breath
But he was out of luck

Twitching his nose didn’t help
The elves were nowhere around
The reindeer were getting restless
That roof their hooves did pound

He should have dieted long ago
For sure he knew it now
Mrs. Claus had been on him
He had a very beaten brow

He had no clue what to do
The night was slipping away
He had to get out very soon
He could afford no more delays

But then he had an idea
In his bag. there was some lotion
If he could only reach it
He’d get his sleigh back in motion

Twisting sideways he found it
Began rubbing it on his gut
The whole time he was muttering
“Stay away from Pizza Hut!”

Reaching lower, he rubbed some
All over his expansive rear
Again the thought came to him
“Gotta lay off the root beer!

Finally when he was ready
A rope was lowered from above
One end tied to the sleigh
And to a man tight as a glove

With a shout. the reindeer pulled
There was an audible pop
Out of the chimney, he flew
No way could he be stopped

Now he’s out delivering the toys
He leaves them at the front door
No more chimneys for the fat man
They’re way too much of a chore!   

Monday, June 20, 2022