There’s a little boy named Logan
My great grandson is cute and sweet
From the top of his little head
To the soles of his stinky little feet

He asks millions of questions
Satisfied with an answer, he never is
This world to a five-year-old boy
Is nothing but a monumental quiz

Rambunctious is a good term for him
He does everything ninety miles an hour
Into this, after that, asking questions
Until his little body runs out of power

As a great-grandson, he is special
Prejudiced, I might be a little bit
Especially when he smiles at me
And into my lap crawls and sits

But the moment that I like the most
He puts his arms around my neck
Then looks me square in the eye
Tells me he loves me with great effect

Being his great-grandpa means a lot
When I hold him I softly pray
Asking the Lord to keep him safe
So I can see him again someday

Friday, June 17, 2022