The Old Man's Lament

The old man knelt before the Lord

While crying, bowed his head and prayed

“Our Heavenly Father, I have a request

I need to offer it up to you today.”

“My country, Lord, it needs your help

Before it ends up being too late.”

“Father, I ask that you please forgive us

And once again make this country great.”

“My dad, he fought, gave his life for it”

“My grandfather was a prisoner of war”

“Old Glory, they honored and respected

Isn’t revered like it once was before”

“Instead of being a country of faith

We have rudely pushed you aside”

“We’ve taken you out of our schools

And even churches your Word is denied”

“From our money, there is talk afoot

Of removing “In God We Trust”

“Pastors are being told what to preach

Leading their congregation astray they must”

“I want to be able to worship you

And sing your praises at my church”

“Not have to join an underground group”

“Meet in secret, for hiding places search”

“Why all of this is happening, I worry”

“Is it the beginning of a horrible end?”

“I know that you are in complete control”

“But please, Father, Lord Jesus send!”

June 14, 2022