On My Knees

I was down on my knees praying

It was almost the midnite hour

Many issues were on my mind

From the complex to the dour

As I prayed it suddenly happened

I sensed I was no longer alone

A presence had entered my room

I entered into a Holy Heavenly zone

I found myself beginning to weep

As His voice entered my mind

A voice like I’d never heard before

It was sweet, gentle, and kind

He told me many wonderful things

About what he wanted me to do

How my life was ordained

He gave me many tantalizing clues

My life was drastically changed

As I accepted my ministry role

Now on my knees, nightly listening

Has become my mission, my goal

He directs my path to minister

I am to help those who are in need

I know that with me He will go

As I pray for hearts that bleed

That night I spent on my knees

It is always there on my mind

It’s the place that I cherish the most

Every night it’s where me you’ll find

June 14, 2022