Over The Hill

A half-century old she now is
On this consequential day
Chances of fifty more are pretty slim
So I had better have my say

Getting old is definitely no fun
To be sure just ask Mom and Dad
Depending on your attitude
it can be either good or very bad

Does Geritol come in flavors?
Is Preparation H easily applied?
Are Maalox and Pepto Bismol
Tasty remedies that you’ve tried”

Have you decided gray is nice?
As you comb your hair each day?
With tweezers do you attack
White eyebrows that are astray?

Are you buying “One size fits all”
To fight the battle of the bulge?”
Buying gallons of vanishing cream
Covering whatever you’ve indulged

To be sure things will continually fall out
Your teeth or more likely your hair
Eyesight's failing, arms too short
Try reading a book held way out there

Are hearing aids in your future”
For Christmas do you get “Depends”
Picked the color for your wig?
Priced wheelchairs for the other end?

All of these must be considered
A spring chicken for sure you’re not
Sis, with your creaky old bones
We can’t help but love you a lot!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022