My One Desire

In my life I have but one desire

To be drenched by His crimson flood

I want to be so thoroughly soaked

I’m washed clean by His precious blood

I want to experience its healing power

As it takes away my aches and pains

That rejuvenating power flowing in my body

A healthy body would be my ultimate gain

I know that power is available to us

I gained access when I got saved

Because my Lord Jesus shed it for me

My path to Heaven has been crimson paved

When it dripped from that rugged cross

That blood was given for you and me

From His birth, His fate was prophesied

He was to fulfill a most holy decree

That blood, I want to bathe in it

Have it penetrate deeply into my pores

Feel His power surge through my body

And change me like never before

To some, this may sound outlandish

It’s because His presence they have never felt

I really don’t care, it’s what I want

To completely transform this body I was dealt

This world is all about His holy power

And how it was changed by His blood

That’s why I long to be drenched

I want to stand under His quenching flood

Wednesday, October 19, 2022