The Street Corner Convert

She was standing on the curb
When he saw her that day
Dirty, hungry, probably homeless
She was a very pitiful display

Her clothing, shabby and patched
Flip-flops were on her feet
Her hair was clotted and tangled
A picture of hygienic defeat

A sign that she always carried
Announced “I will work for food”
It was a lie that everyone knew
It was her being horribly crude

One day she wasn’t there
Someone else was in her spot
Inquiring about her whereabouts
Blank stares were all he got

Then finally one day he saw her
Coming out of a little church
Pulling over, stopped, watched her
It had been a lengthy search

No longer was she filthy dirty
Her clothes were clean and neat
Her hair was combed and shiny
She wore new sandals on her feet

Her countenance, it was happy
In her, there had been a change
One day she had met Jesus
Now no longer was she deranged

Her homeless days are now over
On a mansion, you’ll find her name
One day she will go and live there
Redeemed, cleansed, without shame

Friday, June 17, 2022