Don't Ever ––
At An Auction!

Don’t ever sneeze at an auction
Overreact and raise your hand
You may become the proud owner
Of a box of rusty pots and pans

Don’t ever cough at an auction
Have it considered being a bid
To your seat the ring man delivers
A box of warped Tupperware lids

Don’t ever laugh at an auction
Get tickled and over gesticulate
Again you may become the proud owner
Off a set of chipped porcelain plates

Don’t ever outbid an old lady
In the end, she’ll make you pay
She’ll watch you like a bird of prey
And she’ll try to ruin your day

Don’t ever go to an auction
And pay attention you don’t do
Your bill at the checkout
It will totally astonish you

Don’t ever irritate the auctioneer
Before what you want comes up
It will be the last item sold that day
You’ll wait for that saucer and cup

Don’t ever go to an auction
Lose your head in a bidding war
Try to explain to an upset spouse
And told,” You can’t go anymore!”

Tuesday, June 21, 2022