I Hate Technology!

Technology, I just can’t keep up
Tough for an old codger like me
I long to go back in time
When things were done in simplicity

I can still remember party lines
Taking turns using the phone
My smartphone’s smarter than me
All of its features make me groan

I get phone calls from people unknown
Junk mail fills my mailbox
At least twenty catalogs a week
Selling flowers to compression socks

And a computer, to me, is a dirty word
Figuring them out, I really do try
I’m told that they are a necessity
But I just simply can’t understand why

Credit cards, the worst thing ever invented
Their main purpose, get people in trouble
If you save your money, pay with cash
Then your debt will never double

A television set from years ago
All you had to do was turn a knob
Now you have to be a rocket scientist
To set it up, a tedious job

And everything has a button to push
Or else at you, it will loudly beep
Even the contraption at your bedside
Has buttons to interrupt your sleep

There are timers for this, dials for that
And modems and wifi I don’t understand
I think I was born at the wrong time
I yearn to go back when life had few demands!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022