The Downhill Slide

On a five percent grade, he was
Going too fast, tapped the brakes
Knew instantly he was in trouble
As his semi began to buck and shake

Slamming the brakes, he had none
And he gripped the wheel with fear
He began blowing his air horns
Warning everybody to please get clear

Down that deadly incline, he raced
Picking up speed as he flew
Along for a deadly ride, he was
Helpless, he didn’t know what to do

Going into a curve he began to slide
And was suddenly out of control
He swerved wide around a minivan
Saw an old lady pray for his soul

A run-off ramp was up ahead
Make it, he knew that he must
Because if he went right by it
Against a rock wall, he’d be thrust

Cars had pulled off the road
Waiting to see what would happen
Urgent 911 calls were being made
An eminent wreck, truck misshapen

Sweat poured from the trucker’s brow
Didn’t notice he’d peed his pants
Didn’t dare take his eye off the road
His speedometer, it escaped his glance

Somehow he got the rig straightened up
Hit the ramp doing a hundred and ten
The sandy incline slowed him down
Rougher ride? He couldn’t remember when

Smoke poured from all of his brakes
A state trooper pulled in and wanted to talk
“I can’t believe you did it,” he said
He answered,” Next time I’d rather walk!”

Thursday, June 16, 2022