An Autumn Afternoon

The aroma wafted through the air

Swirled and mingled with her hair

The undeniable scent of autumn

Was so obviously there to share

At a local farmer’s market, she was

An event where she went every year

to shop, sightsee, and enjoy herself

The rejuvenation she needed was clear

The scent of cinnamon was present

Along with the ever-present maple

S’mores being cooked over an open fire

Apple cider, a time-honored staple

Pumpkins were piled, orange pyramid

Huge pine cones for sale in a sack

Ham and beans cooking in a kettle

Indian corn in a multicolored stack

The craft tables were overloaded

From homemade quilts to knitted scarves

Candles of many shapes and scents

Wooden signs that were hand-carved

As she shopped, a breeze picked up

Bringing down showers of leaves

Hues of red, brown, and yellow

Were the bright colors her eyes received

The plethora of sights and sounds

Combined made it a pleasant afternoon

On her way home, she happily smiled

Mentally made plans to come back soon

Thursday, October 27, 2022