I Hate Winter!

The snow, it is falling

I’ve got a bad head cold

The water pipes are frozen

My goosebumps are bold

The car battery is dead

The dumb thing won’t start

The driveway needs shoveling

Not good for my heart

The streets are ice covered

I’ve got places to go

The temperature outside?

It’s a balmy twenty below

Sidewalks are treacherous

For this wary old man

Going out concerns me

And I do the best I can

The medicine cabinet is full

Cough syrup, antihistamines

The only one that is well

The druggist’s finances, it seems

The doctor’s offices are full

They are a haven for disease

I’ll only go if I’m dying

In my hanky, I will sneeze

The house is very drafty

By the fireplace, I will stay

Shivering, all I wish for

Is a warm summer day

My sheets must be flannel

My covers, at least three

Burrowed deep inside them

Is where you will find me

Because winter lingers

It always has its way

Makes sure that I’m miserable

As its might it displays

The sun comes up mid-morning

Goes down late afternoon

All I can possibly wish for is

Spring! Please come soon!

Wednesday, November 9, 2022