It Can't Get Out!

I don’t think there is anything more distressing

Than a lost, frantic hummingbird in the garage

Circling, swooping, up high against the ceiling

While the escape route is open, bright, and large

Too frightened, It won’t allow itself to be helped

Trying to herd it out the garage door! No way!

I can tell it is terrified and getting very weak

By its urgent peeps and fluttering aerial display

So, I watch it with concern and frustration

Knowing if it can’t get it out, will probably die

I sadly turn my back and go into the house

I say a silent prayer and then let out a sigh

Later, I have to get something from the garage

There are no signs of the bird anywhere

I begin looking for a pitiful dead hummingbird

Thinking, I will dispose of its body somewhere

To my surprise, I just barely hear a weak peep

Coming from the pavement in front of the door

The hummingbird lay there, sprawled in a heap

I approach, it rises up, flies like never before

I saw it later at the feeder behind the house

It was taking several incredibly long drinks

I watched it for a while and had to smile

That bird had come back from death’s brink

Thursday, August 25, 2022