Highway To Hell

The road to Hell is a six-lane freeway
Traffic is bumper to bumper all the time
The travelers are on a one-way street
Because against God they committed a crime

The crime they committed is one of omission
They have refused to allow the Lord in
Now the road that they are traveling
Is scenic and beautiful because of their sin

This road will satisfy every carnal desire
Makes sure that it is pleasing to the eyes
The being that is in charge of this road
Uses everything to deceive and surprise

On this road, there are no rest stops
Once you’re on it you’re there to stay
Satan makes sure that he owns you
On his road, he wants no possible delays

On this road, there are no exit ramps
Nothing to hinder you or cause delay
The farther you go the hotter it gets
Your destination creates nothing but dismay

This dreaded road has been there forever
Many’s the person who took that road
They were deceived by its incredible beauty
Not realizing what was their final abode

On that road, there are no road signs
At the very end, there is an inviting tunnel
Enticing, it may seem to the travelers
In reality, it is Hell’s entrance funnel

The speed limit? It gradually increases
The closer to Hell the faster you go
What started out as a pleasure trip
Is a one-way ticket to eternity below

This six-lane freeway needs a detour
Rerouting the traveler to the cross
That one-way road to be redirected
For the salvation of the dying and lost

 Friday, September 30, 2022