Grandma's Dishes

In a hutch sits my Grandma’s dishes

Color, green; pattern, Cabbage Rose

During the depression were giveaways

Were found in soapboxes, I suppose

They were her favorite set of dishes

Used only when they entertained

Otherwise, they sat and gathered dust

“Too good for daily use,” she explained

I can remember that on thanksgiving

The table would be set with them

The green against the white tablecloth

Each piece looked like a sparkling gem

She loved her depression glass dishes

Used them carefully with pride

I remember asking Mom could I have them

Not long after my Grandma died

Now they sit regally in our hutch

Waiting to be used once again

Sometimes I stand and reminisce

Remembering golden times back when

I can still see Grandma in my mind

Washing her green dishes with care

Brings those memories flooding back

Of the good times that we shared

Tuesday, June 28, 2022