My Favorite Superhero

He is faster than a speeding bullet
He leaps buildings with a single bound
Speeding locomotives he outraces
In the heavens, He can be found

The dark world trembles and fears him
His presence you can see in the sky
Over evil, He is the ultimate victor
His love conquers all, you can’t deny

In stature, He is not a giant
But He is able to do mighty deeds
The power He controls is awesome
He is able to supply all your needs

He doesn’t have to spin a silky web
Or change into a giant of green
Doesn’t have to swing a mighty hammer
Or change clothes in a phone booth unseen

He doesn’t respond to a signal light
Nor does He surf through the sky
No skin-tight clothing does He wear
Has no need to let an arrow fly

He is a different kind of superhero
One who wins His battles with love
No other superhero can compare
To King Jesus reigning from above

Tuesday, June 21, 2022