The Dime

The offering plate was passed
And Randy put in a dime
He got a dollar, his allowance
He tithed on it every time

With only ninety cents left
He had to make it last
Kids want lots of things
It would spend pretty fast

While his friends bought candy
And icy bottles of pop
He counted pennies, one by one
Wishing the teasing would stop

“Randy, why do you do it?”
“The money you give every week”
“The dime that you give
Leaves your finances kinda weak!”

“I do it because I’m supposed to”
“It says it in God’s word”
“Until He tells me not to
My ninety cents I’ll endure!”

God saw his faithfulness
And blessed that little dime
His business employs those friends
He’d do it over again, anytime

Tuesday, June 21, 2022