God And The Church Mouse

Sunday evening services were going strong at the little country church. The praise and worship team had the congregation on their feet, hands lifted upward, and singing praises to God. Jeremiah, the church mouse, loved Sunday night services best of all. It seemed that the people who came on Sunday night were the ones that wanted to feel God’s presence. Also, there was a good chance that he could find a communion wafer that was accidentally dropped. Something he always looked forward to finding as food was always a concern for a mouse.

Tonight, for some reason, things were different, and the excitement in the air was overwhelming. His curiosity getting the best of him, he left the safety of his hole and ventured closer to the front of the church. As he drew near he began to notice a peculiar fragrance in the air, one that from moment to moment changed. At first, it was honeysuckle, then lilacs, and then roses. The pleasing smell was not overbearing, but very soft and sweet. Then he noticed a mist descending on the room, a rather heavy, clinging mist. Jeremiah had never seen anything like it before.

Watching closely, he began to see the form of a man in the mist. He was tall of stature, garbed in purple with a golden crown on his head. The man walked among the people. Stopping beside certain ones, he would gently touch them and they would fall to the floor and then he would proceed onward.

Jeremiah thought it was strange that nobody could see the man; he couldn’t understand why he could see the man and nobody else could. Overcoming his fear, scampering closer to the man, he stopped and waited. The man approached, stopped, stooped, and moments later Jeremiah lay in the palm of his hand.

“Jeremiah, I want you to walk with me tonight. You have seen many things in your short life. Come with me and learn,” the man gently said.

The man placed Jeremiah on his shoulder, and then proceeded around the church, stopping in front of a young woman who was softly weeping.

“This is Peggy, she has struggled with depression for quite some time,” the man said. “Ever since her divorce she has dealt with thoughts of suicide and has needed someone to comfort her. She has made the right decision and turned to me. Watch.”

Taking her face into his hands, he gently blew upon her brow. Immediately she dropped to the floor with a look of relief on her face. The hair on Jeremiah’s back stood on end as power left the man and entered Peggy.

“A peace has come over her like she has never felt before,” he said,“And this is the beginning of the healing process for her. Let’s go on for there are others in need of my touch.”

Halfway through the congregation, they stopped in front of a young man.

“This is Jerry,” he said, “Jerry has struggled with drug abuse and alcoholism all of his life. His best friend asked him to come to church with him tonight. He was at the end of his rope and had no idea what to do or who to turn to for help. Tonight he has felt a love that he hasn’t felt for a long time, my love. I have gently dealt with his heart, and he has turned to me for help. Tonight is his night for deliverance. Again, watch.    Taking Jerry’s face into his hands, he blew upon his brow. Jerry dropped to the floor.

Smiling, he lay there with his hands lifted toward heaven.

“Come, we have one more to minister to this evening.”

Proceeding onward, they stopped in front of a large man. He was standing in a corner, crying, his hands lifted upward.

“This is Don,” the man said,“The doctors have told him that he has a brain tumor that is inoperable. They have given him six months to live. He has fought to keep his faith but he is afraid. This is his night for my healing touch.”

Again he blew upon the brow with the same results. Don hit the floor with outstretched arms.

Slowly they walked to the back of the room. The man gently took Jeremiah from his shoulder and held him in his palm.

“Jeremiah, my little friend,” he said, ”It’s your turn. For not only am I the God of my people here but I am also your God. I have come tonight because I inhabit the praises of my people. But I am here for you because even a mouse has needs. Receive this from me.”

God gently blew on Jeremiah, took him to his hole, and gently placed him inside. Jeremiah never forgot the night that God came and how he awoke, lying flat on his back with all four feet raised toward heaven praising God. Nor will he forget the mysterious appearance of a large pile of communion wafers stacked neatly in the corner of his hole!

July 24, 2020