A Trait Called Humble

There's much to be said about humble
It is a trait that not many know
In a world where getting what you want
While trampling your victim below

To be humble, it’s such a Godly thing
Being meek in the midst of a storm
Knowing when to turn your cheek
Is something opposite from the norm

Being humble isn’t something self-taught
It can only be obtained from above
Something to receive. learn from the Master
Because it is a side effect of love

If you are humble the world changes
You’ve found the key, how everything works
Strife, anger, worry, they no longer apply
Because you’ve found one of Heaven’s perks

Life, it would be so much easier
If to everyone’s life they would apply
To realize that being humble is precious
It was a trait Jesus had until he died

What is more important, strife or being humble?
It is something you must work out
To me, there is only one obvious answer
To be humble in Christ, there’s no doubt

Friday, June 17, 2022