The Love Letters

In a drawer she found them
Letters addressed to her mother
Curious, she took one out
Looked more interesting than others

As she read she began to blush
As she understood what they were
Love letters, risqué and sexy
From her father to her mother

Written during World War Two
While he was in the South Pacific
The longing and desire for her
He couldn’t be any more specific

She saw a side of her father
She had never seen before
Taking another from its envelope
She couldn’t help but read more

Of your parents, you never think
About their love life, raging hormones
You see them as your parents
Not as some carnal creature condoned

Putting it down, she began to smile
Remembering the smiles on their faces
Thought of times they’d disappear
Probably enjoying romantic embraces

To her siblings, she would show
The evidence of the love they had
Something they’d never realized before
About their amorous mom and dad

Thursday, June 16, 2022