A Grumpy Old Codger

There was a grumpy old codger
Who lived on the edge of town
His appearance, it startled everyone
They would gawk, laugh and frown

Because of a mistake he endured
To fix a problem with his nose
His experience in the local clinic
By a drunk surgeon, he supposed

It was something simple to fix
Or that’s what he had been told
When the bandage came off
He was quite a sight to behold

His nose, it was upside down
He could hardly believe his eyes
Now his life is a nightmare
And it comes as no surprise

When he sneezes blows off his hat
When it rains he almost drowns
To smell his food stands on his head
That surgeon he would like to pound

The clinic said they would fix it
The operation would be free of charge
Right side up it would once again be
Not as prominent and not as large

All he has to do is go there
Once again sedated, under the knife
Get his proboscis restored like new
Then he’d have a happy life

Tuesday, June 21, 2022