Being A Cowboy

Did you ever want your own pony
One you could saddle and ride
Pretend you’re Roy Rogers, Dale Evans
From you, outlaws would hide

Strap on your trusty six-shooters
Your Chaps and sombrero for show
Go galloping off into the sunset
If your mother would let you go

Outlaws, they’d have to be in jail
So you could be home for lunch
Then down for a forced short nap
Then go out to catch another bunch

Your trusty pistols, they shot caps
They went off with a loud bang
The gunfight suspended to reload
Then resumed against outlaw gangs

Sometimes you were Lone Ranger and Tonto
Others, Gene Autry or The Cisco Kid
Your guns always traveled with Paladin
From danger, you never ever hid

Amazing the times that you got shot
Fell, rolled over, and played dead
Jumped up and was back in the battle
The good guy always came out ahead

Such was childhood for many of us
Our imagination took us out west
Where the good guy beat the bad guy
And law and order came out best

Tuesday, June 21, 2022