“God, I gotta get out of here!”
Panic runs rampant in my mind
Something happened moments ago
Smoke’s so thick I’m nearly blind

Struggling to the nearest stairway
I join a frantic, frenzied mob
“Does anyone know what happened?”
So many ask through their sobs

The little man in the wheelchair
As God tugs gently at my heart
Sunday, Pastor preached on serving
My conscience says do your part

Struggling upwards, I find him
And gently lift him from his chair
Trembling, crying, he sobs “Thank You”
Again I start down those stairs

Lights are probing from below
It seems that help is very near
Quietness settles over the crowd
Relief helps to calm their fears

“Oh! No! What is happening now”?
As the building shudders and sways
“Dear God, Am I coming home
On this tragic September day?”

“For if I am, please welcome me”
And hold me in your arms”
“For I have done what I could
To protect someone from harm”

Tuesday, June 21, 2022