If eyeballs were on your knees
And lips were on your toes
Every step would be a sweet one
Depending on where you step, I suppose

if your head was screwed on backward
And had fingers in your ears
You can look back and wave bye-bye
By wiggling your ears in arrears

If one leg, it faced forward
And the other, it faced behind
You would get absolutely nowhere
You’d be a one of a kind

If your hair grew on your nose
And your armpits were bare
You’d have to part it in the middle
And endure a lot of stares

if your butt was turned around
And protruded out your front
Bathroom trips would be odd
A successful one is quite a stunt

If you happen to look in a mirror
And are amazed at what you see
Just I imagine how you’ll feel
When you look up your family tree

Friday, June 17, 2022