Thirty Pieces Of Silver

Thirty pieces of silver
A small sum for a man
A betrayal price for sure
All according to a plan

Thirty pieces of silver
To get rid of an innocent man
Of Him they were afraid
Devised a diabolical plan

For thirty pieces of silver
The deed they thought was done
Instead, prophecy was fulfilled
Through His death, we’ve won

Thirty pieces of silver
And Jesus went to the cross
A life deemed not worth much
And considered not a loss

For thirty pieces of silver
He went, endured the cross
Died, on the third day arose
Redeeming a world hopelessly lost

Thirty pieces of filthy lucre
The price paid to set us free
Victory on that cross was ours
He died for you and me

For thirty pieces of silver
He became my King of Kings
What He did I can’t imagine
To Him my thanks I bring

Friday, June 17, 2022