Life On The Farm

It’s six in the morning, breakfast’s over, and the days begun
Aunt Bertha’s washin’ dishes, tryin’ hard to get them done
Grandma, she’s in the parlor, rockin’, snappin’ green beans
Aunt Polly, she’s right beside her, patchin’ some holey jeans

Grandpa’s in the garden, he’s weedin’, hoein' the sweet corn
Cousin Henry’s pickin’ more green beans, he looks rather forlorn
Uncle Barney’s in the stable, givin’ hay to Old Joe and Nan
Cousin Harold’s milkin’ Betsy, just as fast as he possibly can

Cousin Ida’s in the hen house, searchin’ for some eggs
She has to wear long pants, the chickens like to peck her legs
Cousin Raymond, he’s a hidin’ in the old outhouse
His job today, he has all of the chickens to delouse

Rufus, the rooster, is crowin’ as loud as he can crow
Makin’ sure that everybody’s awake, this we surely know
The cows are drinkin’ water, fillin’ up fore it gets hot
The pigs are at the trough, happy for what they got

The honey bees are a buzzin’, out looking for some blooms
Cousin Billy got wasp stung, he hit the nest with a broom
The dinner bell, I hear it a ringin’, callin’ us to come eat
Fried taters, piece of pie, a lard fried piece of juicy meat

The temperature, it’s a risin’, it's gettin’ unbearable hot
Mid afternoon naps are nice, in a hammock or on a cot
Even time is a comin’, there’s chores gotta be done
Feed and water livestock, just as when the day begun

Suppers over, dishes done, ice cream freezer comes out
Turnin’ the crank, add salt and ice, “Tastes Good” you shout
Spot, he’s a scratchin’, lookin’ for an aggravatin’ flea
Tabby’s curled up in a corner, purrin’ happily for you and me

All too soon its bedtime, window up, hear a whippoorwill
Another day awaits you, need your rest, get your fill
Life on a farm can be simple, sometimes incredibly hard
If it's how you grew up, then it’s your heritage to guard

Tuesday, June 21, 2022