Stand And Shout

In the middle of his sermon
The pastor stopped and looked around
What he saw startled him
Was disturbed by snoring sounds

He began searching out faces
He didn’t like what he observed
Seems not many paid attention
As he shared God’s Holy Word

People were looking at cell phones
Others were talking out loud
Half a dozen were sound asleep
The teenagers were a rowdy crowd

A deacon was reading a book
In the foyer was played a game
No one was taking him serious
On whom should it be blamed

The pastor decided it was enough
“Everybody is going to Hell!”
He said it with loud authority
“If you agree stand up and yell!”

Out of its stupor, the church arose
And resounded with a shout
The pastor sadly turned away
In His ministry he began to doubt

His church realized their error
Their facial expressions were sad
They had failed their pastor
What they had done was bad

A deacon said, “You tricked us!”
The pastor answered, “I guess you’re right”
“Tell me, why are you here
At our service on Sunday night?”

“God gave me tonight’s message”
“He evidently wanted it preached”
“The reaction I got from you
You didn’t want to be reached.”

“A bedroom this is definitely not
Nor a library will it ever be.”
“Cell phones, leave them at home”
“Play games! Don’t let me see.”

“God’s house it will always be”
“Don’t agree then stay at home”
“I’d rather preach to empty pews
If you have no desire to atone.”

“So, fire me if you want to”
“God is my provider, not you”
“If I stay there will be changes”
“What are you going to do?”

One by one they began to weep
To the altar, they went to pray
Forgiveness was offered, received
And Pastor preached another day

Thursday, June 23, 2022