When The Godhead Came

I will never forget that Sunday morning
When to our church the Godhead came
Pastor was preaching from the book of Acts
Shouting the gifts were ours to claim

Suddenly from above, it came
A beautiful white dove came into view
Swooping, circling, it held us in awe
As it landed on the top of a pew

The sanctuary became still and silent
You could have heard the drop of a pin
Somehow even the children knew
Something special was about to begin

In the stillness, we heard angels singing
A high pitched keening filled the room
A gentle mist began to fall around us
As their presence gently began to bloom

The mist shimmered with translucency
The fragrance of roses filled the air
Heavenly hosts moved among us
As the Lord Jesus began to share

Arthritis became a thing of the past
And cancer dissolved at His touch
Wheelchairs and walkers were discarded
By the one who loves us so much

Our pastor was lying flat on his face
Believers were speaking in unknown tongues
One time skeptics were at the altar
Confessing sins, tearful praises being sung

The congregation was scattered on the floor
They were slain in the spirit, plain to see
Crying and trembling, I was face down
Realizing what had just happened to me

The Godhead became real to me that day
No one can ever change my mind
The day the three came into my life
Was the day that I made them mine

Friday, June 17, 2022