Up In The Air

With the mighty heave of the rope

Up in the air, he quickly arose

There he dangled momentarily

Came down, barely touched his toes

And up again he rapidly went

As the bell, it began to peal

With both hands, he hung on

With all of his strength and zeal

As people came through the door

They looked at him and smiled

Voiced their greetings and went in

Knew he’d be there for a while

For ten minutes he rang that bell

Then he landed on his feet

For a man barely five foot four

What he did was quite a feat

In the cold dead of winter

He was there to ring the bell

In the heat of the summer

Made sure he did it just as well

That bell, it summoned everyone

Come and worship, hear God’s Word

That little man was my grandpa

Making sure the bell was heard

June 14, 2022