It Comes In A Circle

It usually comes in a circle
It can come in a square
It can be a very big one
Or one too small to share

Can be tossed like a frisbee
Paddled it can be
Shoved into a hot oven
When done, a delight to see

Little fish swim in its juices
With olives from overseas
Pepperoni from old Italy
Savory sausage from a piggy

Green peppers from the garden
Along with onions very hot
Cheese from faraway Wisconsin
Pineapple chunks hit the spot

It can be bought as a pie
Or ordered by the slice
Any way you look at it
Pizza can be quite nice

Yes, it comes in a circle
And it comes in a square
No matter what you do
Don’t forget to get your share

Friday, June 17, 2022