Telling A Lie

It always starts with a little lie
And rapidly becomes much more
The beginning of a deadly trap
Hidden behind a secret door

For one lie, it birth’s another
And then  truth no longer lives
A sense of false accomplishment
Is the euphoria that it gives

A lie, if allowed will consume you
Will cause you to lie again
And a lie can’t fix the problem
For it is most definitely a sin

Telling a lie, it can destroy you
You don’t know how to quit
A beast, it almost always becomes
As on your conscience, it sits

On and on it will forever go
Never finding an easy way to stop
That nasty thing called a lie
Always seems to come out on top

It is something that is easy to do
It can become an easy way out
Until you stand before your God
Being judged unworthy, there’s no doubt

Friday, June 17, 2022