The Bottle Digger

It was a hot sunny August day

When he arrived, parked the car

From the trunk retrieved his bucket

He didn’t have to walk very far

He was wearing coveralls and boots

Had canvas gloves, a hat on his head

Into the woods, he quickly entered

Out of heat into coolness instead

The trail he followed, it meandered

To his destination ahead, a ravine

Where bits of glass, and pottery were strewn

Everywhere they could be seen

Research helped him find this dump

It was the original for his town

Here he would spend the afternoon

Where local history could be found

Climbing in, he began to dig

Using a trowel, sometimes a knife

His goal was to find antique bottles

He had done it most of his life

Slowly he began to move the dirt

Listening for the clink of glass

It could be almost anything

From a medicine to an embossed flask

Countless horse and cow skeletons

He had found and dug through

Hundreds of women’s high-top shoes

How they survived? He had no clue

For every good bottle, he found

Dozens of broken ones he’d find

That was to be totally expected

It was something he didn’t mind

Slowly his bucket began to fill

An amber whiskey, an old ink well

An embossed local pharmacy flask

It was perfect, he could tell

A pontiled marble, cast iron truck

An early embossed amber Coke

He dug a perfect stoneware jug

From the midst of iron wheel spokes

Tired, he headed for the car

He thought about what he had found

Antiques to add to his collection

By just digging in the ground

His finds today, they were worth

Two hundred dollars or more

His cost, a bucket of sweat

And hands that were pretty sore

It was something he liked to do

He never knew what he would find

Every time he would go back

Hoping to find that one of a kind

A bottle digger’s life is dirty

They are usually in an old dump

Looking for relics from the past

Underneath those dirt clod clumps

From time to time a prize he’d find

He’d hold it up high and smile

That’s what he liked the most

It made his efforts so worthwhile

Friday, October 21, 2022