We're In A Sorry Shape!

The gas prices are steadily going up

While the stock market is plummeting down

Just where it all will finally end

Makes one wonder, can’t help but frown

The interest rates are sharply rising

Along with grocery prices at the store

In futility, you can’t help but wonder

If we can really take it any more

Scared people are stockpiling ammunition

Preparing for a very possible doomsday

Even that is becoming hard to do

When just barely surviving takes all your pay

The government tries to figure it out

Impossible considering they can’t get along

Tenured politicians who could care less

Need to be told they no longer belong

Inflation, it has reared its ugly head

And it always hits the needy the most

Desperation causes crimes to happen

“I’ll do what I have to,” they defiantly boast

The only possible saving grace I can see

Are the promises to us God has made

He will always supply His children’s needs

Through a Devil’s world upheaval tirade

June 14, 2022