Wilma, Betty, & Hilda

Wilma was in the kitchen washing dishes
When she heard the doorbell ring
Muttered, “Now who could that be?”
While drying her hands, untying apron strings

She opened her door for her best friends
Betty Bump and Hilda Guard came in
The biggest gossips in the neighborhood
Had news about a neighbor’s terrible sin

“Did you hear about Wanda and Wilbur?”
“She knocked him out with a frying pan!”
“What did he do? Why did she hit him?”
“Does it matter? After all, he is a man!”

“The police came and took them away”
“They had to put them in separate cars”
“I wonder what will come of it?”
“Who cares! It’s juicy news so far!”

“Wilma, you go tell Rachel and Ruth”
“Betty, you need to get on the phone”
“Hilda! What are you going to do?”
“I’m going to go tell Sally and Joan!”

They went on their gossip assignments
This news they just couldn’t keep in
Sadly, none of them remotely realized
That their gossip was definitely a sin

What they did was cause more strife
Thinking their gossip would do no harm
All it did was accelerate the problem
From a private spat to a public alarm

Tuesday, November 22, 2022