Little Polly, The Berry Picker

Little Polly has a good job

Working in a berry patch

Twenty cents a quart she’s paid

Unfortunately, there’s a catch

She has a quota to fill

For her, it isn’t very easy

She eats every other berry

Her stomach, it gets queasy

Money, she doesn’t make much

But to her, that’s all right

She never does go hungry

Has a belly full every night

She does just barely enough

To not get herself fired

Would have to do something stupid

Something ridiculously dire

Every day she goes to work

Down in that berry patch

Stuffing her face fast as she can

She eats half of her batch

Her boss, he was losing money

His berry supply, it dwindled

He had to do something

He felt he was being swindled

Little Polly, she got fired

No more berries will she pick

Her stomach problems haven’t stopped

Now rhubarb makes her sick!

She takes a bite and grimaces

But she eats it anyway

The bitterness makes her gag

She eats two pounds a day

Rhubarb, it makes you go

It cleans you out real quick

That is if you really like it

And it doesn’t make you sick

Her new boss, he likes her

His crop, not much she eats

The rhubarb, it is safe

She spends time on the toilet seat

Thursday, November 3, 2022