A Very Hot Toy

There is something little boys want

When they get one they squeal

A toy that makes them happy

It’s a little car called Hot Wheels

In a blister pack, they come

In all sizes, shapes, and forms

In every color under the rainbow

Doesn’t affect how they perform

On the floor they create magic

Because they make little boys smile

Back and forth they quickly race

Covering untold countless miles

They are an indestructible toy

Created for a child’s hard play

Stomped on, hit with a hammer

They endure abuse every day

It’s a toy for all the ages

One that will never grow old

When I think back on mine

My memories are sharp and bold

Older ones are rare, sought after

Collectors, they pay big bucks

When they find a real beauty

They daydream, considering it luck

I’ve seen many grown men cry

When they find one they once had

Reminiscing about times long past

When their toys made them glad

Friday, November 18, 2022