Just What I Am

The Bible says I’m a new creation

That I have been born again

My transformation took place

When I repented of all my sins

inside me there dwells a power

Something holy and sacred to me

This power emanates from the cross

It should be evident to see

While here I’m supposed to use it

In every situation where there’s a need

When I gave my heart to Him

There’s no way that I can’t succeed

I have a helper while here on Earth

He whispers to me all the time

Holy Spirit, one of the Godhead

Keeps me from committing a crime

So, while here I have a mission

To tell as many people as I can

About the relationship that I’m in

With Lord Jesus, the Great I Am

I am told that I have a new home

Somewhere up in the eastern sky

I plan to take as many as I can

To Heaven, one day we will fly

The question? Just what I am”

I am the child of the newborn King

And considering what I once was

To Him my praises I always bring

Thursday, August 4, 2022