King David Danced

The day had begun like any other day

The sun was quickly warming the air

A dust cloud was seen in the distance

Signaling that someone was coming there

Excitement was obvious in Jerusalem

The Ark Of The Covenant was coming home

No more would it be held captive

No more would it wander and roam

From distant Obed Edom, it had journeyed

The children of Israel were accompanying it

A place in the tabernacle had been prepared

A fitting place for it to reside and finally sit

As it drew near the music was heard

Cymbals, harps, horns, and tambourines

The trill of the Israeli women’s voices

Above the music was so sharply keen

But what caught everyone’s attention

Was the man who was bringing it here

In stark contrast to everyone else

He was nearly naked, yet had no fear

Before his God, the man vigorously danced

Leaping high into the air, he sang praises

Not caring about his physical appearance

Nor how many judgmental eyebrows it raises

King David was joyously worshipping the Lord

Humbling himself, he proudly led the way

Jerusalem’s tabernacle was prepared, ready

To receive the Ark that homecoming day

By debasing himself his God was pleased

The blessings to David, they overflowed

By honoring God with his ecstatic dance

His humility to Israel, he then showed

Wednesday, November 2, 2022