The Meaning Of Flowers

Flowers are such amazing things

 As I ponder and reflect

How they lift their faces toward Heaven

 To their creator in respect

As He put them there before us

Their beauty to behold

With so many worthy purposes

For the young and very old

To bid farewell to loved ones

As we gather in despair

Or show forth their beauty

 While worn in a woman’s hair

To lift the spirits of dejected ones

Who feel they have no hope

And show the ones with problems

That they can surely cope

Every day they show forth their colors

In every tint and hue

 In all their glorious majesty

Shouldn’t we give God His due

For are we not like flowers

Each one with so much to give

To share with each and every one

The reasons that we live

To help the brokenhearted

Uplift the ones in need

Console the lonely ones

When their hearts begin to bleed

Yes, flowers are such amazing things

For their beauty is to share

Can you be one for someone today

And show them that you care?

June 14, 2022