Lulu Pansy

Lulu pansy stood up very tall

Beneath the sycamore tree

With many others, she stood

She was an inconspicuous me

She longed to be a tiger lily

Standing tall, facing the sun

She was short and very squat

A very inconspicuous one

She dreaded the spring rains

She hated to get her feet wet

She would rather be a cactus

Have her feet in the sand set

There was a pesky rabbit

Who on pansies did feed

She saw him watching her

He was hungry, yes indeed

Ever inching forward, he came

Nose twitching in the air

He honed in on her

Wanting to nip, it wasn’t fair

Other pansies hid their faces

From him tried to hide

One by one, he did eat

Until he stood by her side

Big Bertha, the bumblebee

Under Lulu Pansy, was hid

When the rabbit took a bite

You’d be surprised what she did

Rabbit had a mouthful of bee

Big Berth stung his lip

Emitting and injured bunny cry

Left Lulu, from pansies, he slipped

Lulu Pansy is now safe

She’s satisfied with her size

No more will the rabbit come

Doesn’t want another surprise!

Saturday, November 5, 2022