Auctioning Off Memories

Is there anything more disturbing

Than watching a life being sold

What once was deemed so important

Is now being auctioned, it seems cold

The family pictures of relatives forgotten

Unwanted heirlooms destined for resale

And every dish, clock, or rocking chair

If it could talk it has a story or tale

The antiques, the children don’t care

All they see are the dollar signs

They get rid of them soon as they can

Out of sight then they’re out of mind

And unfortunately, it is inevitable

Lives are sold every day of the week

The things once cherished, held onto

Are sold indiscriminately, so to speak

When you think about it, it is sad

Watching one’s life work sold away

Why do we think it’s all right to do

It may come back to haunt us someday

Sometimes at auctions, I become sad

As I watch the avid bidding wars

Knowing that a life once so important

Is being sold, to be remembered no more

Thursday, September 8, 2022