Does God Get Tired?

I wonder if God gets tired

Of bailing His children out

Over and over rescuing us

Because of unbelief, we doubt

I wonder if He keeps score

Or if seventy times seven applies?

Does He, on His throne, reflect

About why we make Him cry?

I wonder if He ever gets lonely

Wanting a relationship, so bad?

I wonder if He feels unwanted

How our neglect makes Him sad?

I wonder if God gets tired

Of listening to people whine?

Instead of standing on their feet

They expect help from the divine

I wonder if God gets tired

Of listening to repetitive prayer?

Wishing people would trust Him

And know that He is always there

I wonder why He patiently waits

For us to come to Him?

He knows we all won’t do it

That worldwide salvation is slim

I wonder if after a hard day

If all He wants to do is rest?

Sifting through all of the requests

Feeling He was put to a test

I wonder why He loves us

When to Him, we turn our backs?

I wonder why He doesn’t give up

Start all over, His love retract

I wonder if God gets tired

Of daily putting up with me?

I wonder if He is waiting

For me to be what I can be?

Thursday, October 13, 2022