Scratching An Itch

Is there anything more aggravating
Than an itch, you can’t reach?
Either your arm isn’t long enough
Usually, somewhere you can’t breach

An itch can drive you crazy
It is foremost on your mind
You will resort to any remedy
Trying anything you can find

You’ll ask perfect strangers to help
Will turn your back, say please
Will moan with pure pleasure
An inch to the right, please squeeze

It seems it always happens
You scratch, and another itch appears
You move on to the new one
Whether your nose or your rear

In public it can be disgusting
Watching others relieve an itch
Until you are in the spotlight
And a gyrating fit you pitch

In reality, whatever works
Is fair game to ultimately try
An itch can be a terrible thing
As you fail, suffer, and cry

So, if you have a bad one
And no help is within sight
Take a tree branch, anything
And scratch with all your might!

Friday, June 17, 2022