What I Do Best

Now that I have reached my golden years

I’ve finally discovered what I do best

And after talking with others I know

I tend to have the tendencies of the rest

I find myself enjoying doing nothing

I have found that it is easy to do

It takes place over almost everything

As to my recliner, it seems I’m glued

I can’t help it! I’m allergic to work

The thought of it makes me cringe

Doing manual labor, breaking a sweat

Tends to make me mentally unhinged

Honey-do lists will always be there

And I do my very best to comply

But then all I really want to do

Is relax, get comfortable, and sigh

There are merits in doing nothing

For one, you can’t get physically hurt

No straining, groaning, or sweating

Nor from your mouth epitaphs blurt

It also means very little gets done

But, alas, there is always another day

It doesn’t mean that I will do anything

For me, doing nothing is here to stay!

Wednesday, August 31, 2022