First Grade Memories

By far, the best memory of first grade
Had to be the lunches that they served
If I could go back and thank the cooks
A round of applause was what they deserved

My grade school cooks were farmer’s wives
And their mothers had taught them well
Every time the lunch bell rang I smiled
Knowing I’d be greeted by wonderful smells

The meal that comes to my mind is easy
Chicken and noodles atop mashed potatoes
Piping hot, on my tray they were placed
To my seat, into my mouth, they would go

But the thing that I remember the most
Was being able to go back for some more
I remember standing in line to get it
It was worth it, the culinary treat in store

In my mind, I can see the cook’s faces
They always had a smile and a grin
At that age, they reminded me of Grandma
Wearing aprons, gloves, having double chins

These grade school meals I will never forget
Besides recess, it was the highlight of the day
Those cooks for darn sure knew how to cook
And they most definitely earned their pay

If Heaven should happen to have a kitchen
I can picture them preparing a meal
And if it is the Marriage Supper Of The Lamb
With their expertise, it is no big deal!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022