Hustle And Bustle

I’d like to sit on a shelf
And watch the world go by
Observe the hustle and bustle
And inwardly wonder why

Life is in such a hurry
Seems there’s never enough time
Gotta be here, gotta go there
Hurry before Father Time chimes

Gotta go to that meeting
Then off to a dance rehearsal
Drop junior at ball practice
Then do a complete reversal

The traffic is bumper to bumper
Causing tempers to flare
You know you’re gonna be late
Just trying to get there

Supper’s never before eight
You’re seldom home by then
Usually fast food take out
Cooked, can’t remember when

It can give you an ulcer
Or even a mental breakdown
Just trying to keep up
Can sometimes make you frown

Times need to simpler
When you have time to relax
Put the mayhem behind you
Enjoy life to the max

Friday, June 17, 2022