The Lamborghini

It was snowing, coming down hard and fast
When we got up that morning
On the freeway, we must get
Four hundred miles to go, weather storming

Thirty miles an hour we slowly drove
Saw jackknifed semis everywhere
There was a motorhome on its side
Warning us of danger, to beware

Up ahead I saw brake lights
So that I knew I must slow down
In the passing lane, I suddenly saw it
A Lamborghini made me frown

The idiot, he was absolutely flying
Going way too fast for the condition
Slamming his brakes, he lost it
Spun in circles, lost his traction

Into the median, he wildly spun
Corrected it, got back on the road
Skidded towards a stopped semi
That was sitting, it had a heavy load

I expected to see the worse happen
A sports car wedged tightly underneath
Somehow the driver got it stopped
Before a semi, he found himself underneath

I watched the idiotic driver closely
I could see he had begun to shake
I couldn’t help but wonder if this
Would make his senses come awake!

Friday, June 17, 2022