The Christmas Gift

Christmas was going to be different

On that, they all had finally agreed

This year they’d try something new

There’d be no presents under the tree

They thought they’d save their money

Instead, they’d find someone in need

All year long they’d prayed and fasted

In order to do a Christian deed

From a hat, each one drew a name

That person they were to bless

It could be a daunting challenge

Some would most likely confess

The names came from a hospital

The best Children’s in the land

Most were terminally ill with no hope

Why them? Was hard to understand

One boy, he wanted his daddy

His whereabouts, they had no clue

A little girl wanted to stand again

Show her granny her new shoes

A little boy wanted his puppy

Let it lick his face just once more

A little girl in her mirror cried

She wanted to look as once before

They found it so devastating

Watching their children hope, dream

Knowing that it would be hard

To put in their eyes a gleam

Their money? It was useless

What was wanted it couldn’t buy

Instead, they took their child

Into their arms and silently cried

Into their minds popped a thought

About the gift they could give

Something they all would remember

For as long as they would live

They showed their child God’s love

Something they could freely give away

It became the very best present

They could give on Christmas Day

June 14, 2022