The Pint-Sized Cowboy

Six shooters were loaded and ready to go
Chaps, cowboy hat, and new boots
Bandanna tied firmly around his neck
He went out looking for a villain to shoot

Up and down the streets he searched
Behind bushes and in treetops overhead
The pesky Indians, they couldn’t be found
Outlaws hid, didn’t want to be shot dead

Everywhere he looked danger ran away
Until he saw an opportunity up ahead
Girls were having an afternoon tea party
Target changed from outlaws to girls instead

Behind a bush he bravely readied himself
For what he was intending to do
His enemy was the girls at the tea party
What their fate was, they had no clue

With a shout, he charged their party
Guns blazing, he merged on the scene
Instead of fear, he met something else
Four girls who decided to be mean

They knocked him down, laughed at him
Took his six shooters and his chaps
Poured tea on his head and shoulders
It slowly seeped down into his lap

Embarrassed, jumped up land raced for home
Went and hid in his ranch house room
He realized that tomorrow’d be another day
To avoid girls, tea parties, and certain doom

Friday, June 17, 2022